Happy New Year 2018

New Year started with a call to India Since I’ve moved to the US in December 2017.  Took a ride close to 30 minutes with my Room mets visiting Livermore temple. This is my second visit, I felt going to Thirumala. The queue was well maitained a and lot of volunteers helped devotees from parking to darshan.

After entering to the temple first you will find small idols of Durga devi, Swami Ayappan then Ganesh, Shiva shrines. Next the queue goes to Parvathy devi and Vishnu shrine. Hundi was kept in all the shrine.

After darshan Annadhana (Annadhanam) was provided for all devotees, few kids were demonstrating the science works like robots, the headcount of people etc..

Special Annadhanam from Livermore temple for this new year 2018.