Ramaswamy Temple

Ramaswamy (Perumal) temple, five hundred years old temple located in Tiruppur district.

Tamil month purattasi a month for Lord Venkateshwara. Hindu practices believe that Lord Venkateshwara (Perumal) has appeared on the earth in this month. Devotees thank Lord Vishnu for saving the universe at the end of Kali-yuga. All the Saturdays are famous in the Perumal temples.
There is a belief that it’s a month for ancestors to worship them.
In September (Purattasi) shouldn’t eat non-veg. Do you know why?
Wind and heat will start to decline and rain starts in September month. But rain doesn’t cool the earth. 

In spite of the rain, and the earth draws the heat from the sun will start to reduce the heat. It is also said, heat setting period.
This heat is more harmful than the heat in summer. At this time, eating non-veg increases body temperature and reduces health condition. Can cause stomach problems.
That’s the reason in September, why our ancestors prohibited Non-veg.
Not only that, improper rain and abrupt climate change increase the reproduction of viruses. Fever, mucus trouble increases.
Basil (Tulasi) controls these infections. For this reason fasting in September (excludes non-veg), made a habit of going to the temple of Lord Vishnu.

OMG, there a lot of snack stalls in an open space. I remember these booths keep coming to Ramaswamy temple, every Tamil month purattasi and a huge crowd.

There has always been the crowd from the surrounding of Ramaswamy temple.

KANNADAKKAM: This is a part of religious kept for the goddess, to safeguard human lives from sick and negative powers.

Nostalgia: Memories of snacks, sweets and local food items.

A small market consists of household items nearby temple.